You take great care defending data so that none of it gets into the wrong hands, or that systems are taken over by hackers. Cybercriminals, grit your teeth, as you are always one step ahead of them. You will lead teams that can quickly locate and fix security gaps. || Cyber Security

You are quick in evaluating information and like to use the latest technology. You always keep a cool head even in demanding situations and deliver clear results. You take care of innovative software that processes large image data and you are very tough when it comes to protecting patient data. || Medical Informatics

You are a creative problem solver who likes to develop or improve technical devices or applications. As a computer scientist, you will find suitable solutions for challenging problems with other experts. You always consider the users and their requirements. || Computer Science

You are always up to date with the latest technology and are one of the first to know of the latest technology, but you are also interested in business. You take care of innovative software that your company needs and you lead teams in companies. || Enterprise Computing